Coronavirus Resources

Free Coronavirus Resources for the MaxStrength Fitness Community

I’m actively working on resources that you can use to sharpen your mind, body, spirit and a whole lot more during COVID-19.


The situation is escalating quickly, and I want to make sure you’re prepared and have tools to help you not only survive, but THRIVE during this time and beyond.

I’ll be posting links, resources, and all kinds of goodies here regularly so keep checking back frequently. Oh, feel free to share this page with those you care about. If you think of something that might be helpful please don’t hoard it for yourself! Email me at with the Subject: Resource and I’ll be sure to add it.




Daily Quarantine Checklist

This Checklist went viral on social media and has been the most shared post we’ve ever done because it’s that powerful. If you take anything from this page and implement, the Daily Quarantine Checklist is #1!



At Home Survival Kit

Need a little reinforcement for your healthy habits in the wake of “social
distancing” and the coronavirus pandemic?
You most definitely are not alone!
Our goal at MaxStrength Fitness is to help you make the most of this time …
… and come out feeling stronger, fitter, and healthier than ever!
That’s why we’ve put together this “At Home Survival Kit” and loaded it up with
tips, recipes and workouts to keep you feeling positive and productive!



MaxStrength Fitness YouTube Knowledge Center

Stop Binging on Netflix and instead sharpen your mind and habits by checking out our 100+ Videos. I’m obsessed with personal development and our clients rave about our videos because the tips and tricks I share can literally transform your life!

Dig in!



FREE 6 Week Lifestyle Challenge

I figured since we are all mandated to “Stay At Home” this would be a great time to work on bettering ourselves, so that when all of this passes, and it will, we’re better than when it started.

I’ve put together a FREE 6 Week Lifestyle Challenge!

Over the next six weeks we will guide you through how to:

·   Disconnect from your screens and reconnect with your loved ones

·   Improve your sleep, especially in these trying times

·   Express and make gratitude part of your life

·   Benefit from the magic of mediation to help cut through all of the stress we are all going through

·   Connect to the outdoors (yes, you can still enjoy the outdoors and you should!)

·   Take all of these lessons and habits and put them into practice so that by the end of the 6 weeks you’ve begun to transform your life!

There’s no cost and no hidden agenda.

Just my gift to you during these challenging times.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to sign up now for the FREE 6 Week Lifestyle Challenge.

I look forward to hearing your results very soon.

Click Here To Start Now!


How To Look and Feel 12 Years Younger In Only Minutes a Week- GUARANTEED!



The fountain of youth is real.

Discover the #1 secret to anti-aging. Hint: It’s NOT Exercise or Nutrition, although they are vital!


What you have been taught is wrong!

Learn why if you eat according to the USDA you could very well gain more weight and increase fatigue and joint pain.


Proven Strategies

We reveal the most important secret to your fitness success and it is the complete opposite of what you have been lead to believe by the so-called “experts”.



This might be the most important asset during these crazy times. Dive in!!!



Ziva Meditation


There are two pandemics happening right now: one is a virus… the other is stress. Thankfully, we already have a cure for the stress pandemic…. it’s called meditation.

My dear friend and meditation teacher, Emily Fletcher created the @zivameditation Self Care Center — full of powerful tools to help you transition from worrier into warrior.

Inside are guided visualizations, global meditations, bodywork + movement resources, conversations with guest experts and tools for kids and parents. The best part? It’s all free.

Head to to get access to the Self Care Center now. Let’s come out of this time more resilient than we started.




Join Deepak Chopra, Oprah, and millions of meditators around the world to find peace of mind in the midst of turmoil, and do your part to help our global community find hope and optimism.


Stay Connected


Join Mel Robbins, author of the 5 Second Rule and host of the Mel Robbins show every weekday at noon on her YouTube channel as she helps you navigate stress and anxiety during COVID-19.




Freaking out? You’re not alone—and you’re not malfunctioning. We’re in a moment of uncertainty and anxiety. Hence our new experiment: Ten Percent Happier LIVE.

Every day, we’ll offer a free live sanity break, featuring our host, Dan Harris, and some of the world’s best meditation teachers, streaming from their homes to yours. We’ll start with a five minute meditation, and then take questions from the audience.

How you can join us:

We’ll be live streaming here at 3pm EST every weekday. If you miss us live, you can catch the episode at OR on the Ten Percent Happier app.


Tiny Habits



Stanford Course


“Behavior Design for Coronavirus Challenges” (for college students)

I invite students around the world to join my new Stanford course. We’ll meet on Zoom twice a week, starting on April 6. I’ll teach students how to use Behavior Design to tackle challenges we face right now. Working in small teams, students will do projects to create positive impact in the real world.

To apply you must be currently enrolled at a college or university. More info here:


Global Zoom Sessions (for everyone)


“Tiny Habits for Coronavirus Challenges”

Last week over 5,000 people joined the Zoom sessions taught by experts in Tiny Habits. To access the recordings, you can go to the bottom of this page:

We have more Zoom sessions scheduled for the coming week. To see all the topics and to register (it’s free), go to this page:

Below is a sample of upcoming sessions:


  • Tiny Habits to Kickstart and Energize Your Job Search
  • Untangling Night Time Snacking
  • Tiny Habits to Embody Optimism
  • Tiny Habits for Retirement During the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Improve Your Wellbeing: Tiny Habits to Connect with Nature
  • 3 Surprising Habits to Shrink Negative Thoughts and Emotions
  • Tiny Habits for Cultivating Gratitude in Challenging Times
  • Top 3 Best Simple Exercises to Keep Fit at Home
  • Tiny Habits for Leading Virtual Teams

BJ Fogg, PhD

Behavior Design Lab at Stanford University

Author of the New York Times Bestseller Tiny Habits: The Small Changes that Change Everything




We are all dealing with grief at this time. The grief of the loss of our normal life.
A great resource to deal with the stages of grief your norm or anyone dealing the loss of a loved one during these times or any time please check out David Kessler’s website at


Wim Hof Breathing

The Wim Hof Method is essentially about inner power and being able to control your body’s immune system and temperature by doing certain breathing techniques, mixed with physical and cold exercises. The Wim Hof Method has been scientifically proven to influence the Autonomic Nervous System and the innate immune response.


Wim Hof method benefits

According to the Wim Hof Method website, consistent practice offers many potential benefits, including:


  • boosting your immune system
  • improving concentration
  • improving your mental well-being
  • increasing willpower
  • increasing your energy
  • managing some fibromyalgia symptoms
  • relieving some symptoms of depression
  • relieving stress
  • improving sleep


Free Downloadable Resources!

Click any image below to download your free guide.



Foam Rolling Guide

WELCOME TO MORE FLEXIBLE, HAPPIER MUSCLES! The foam roller is one of the best recovery tools available today!

Why? Well they’re affordable, easy to travel with, and can make a huge difference in your body in a short amount of time. Inside, you’ll learn some of the best techniques to get the most out of your foam roller.



Restore Your Core




Having a strong core requires much more than having great abs (although that can be a nice side benefit!). Your core keeps you standing and sitting upright, protects your back, and it can even affect your breathing and
This guide will show you how to restore your core from
the inside out.


Supercharge Your Sleep Guide

This guide will outline why it’s important to make sleep a priority, how to get more of it, and show you ways to optimize your sleeping time for improved health, energy, focus, and performance. It’s amazing how great you feel when your body is well-rested and energized for a new day!





COVID-19 Diet Survival Guide

It hasn’t been said much but your best weapon against this disease is being healthy. Proper nutrition and hydration are vital. If you eat a well-balanced diet and stay healthier with a stronger immune system, you will have a much lower risk of chronic illnesses and infectious diseases.



Immunity Boosting Smoothie Guide

Strengthen your Immune System and get back to Good Habits with
these ImmunityBoosting Recipes



The Top 101 Foods that Fight Aging

The Top 101 Superfoods That Fight Aging The Best Youth-Enhancing Foods, Spices, Herbs, and Other Tricks to Look and Feel 10 Years Younger, Protect Your Skin, Muscles, Organs and Joints to SLOW Aging



Dining Out Guide

Dining out is even more enjoyable when you’re in good
company with family, friends and loved ones.
But when it comes to nutrition and your health, making your
way through a restaurant menu is like walking through a
minefield. Many foods contain added fat, salt, sugar and
preservatives … and excess calories. In fact, many meals
contain more than enough calories to fuel you for an entire
We’re committed to helping you achieve results, which is
why we created this guide to help you make the best choices
no matter what cuisine you’re eating. Dining out should be a
pleasure … and not derail all your efforts!



Sugar Detox Success Manual

It’s time to get excited, because eliminating ADDED sugar from your diet has an incredibly powerful impact on your health. You will be amazed at how different you will feel just a few short days from now. You might even LOOK different, with your skin taking on a healthier glow! This ebook contains suggestions about how to get rid of the ADDED SUGAR and other sweetened foods and drinks from your diet, so you can get the max benefit as soon as possible.



Immune Boosting Checklist

Here are healthy suggestions straight from the US Centers for Disease Control to help prevent catching viruses or other illnesses.



Meal Prep Guide

This ebook will outline exactly HOW you can prepare and store healthy meals without spending an entire weekend day in the kitchen doing “meal prep” (unless you really want to!). We’ll show you how to plan, cook, prep and store your food so that you always have a healthy meal ready-to-go. And we’ll even show you how to make it FUN! Bonus: Check out the four make-ahead meal recipes included in this guide!



Healthy Snacks and Apps

H E R E ‘ S  Y O U R G U I D E  T O H E A L T H Y S N A C K I N G

We created this ebook to help you reach your goals without feeling deprived. It’s packed with tips and recipes that will help you stay on-track while feeling energized and satisfied. You’ll love the handy portion control guide, along with the tips for swapping snacks and easy grab-and-go selections. We’ve also included a dozen recipes that will help you beat cravings and find new favorites!



Cracking the Food Label Code

There’s SO MUCH information on our food labels these days. It’s almost like the label has it’s own language! It can be a real challenge to understand everything you’re looking at. What does that info really mean to you, your diet, and your health? This ebook will break it all down in a logical, step-by-step guide.



Gut Health Guide & Recipe Manual

Your gut is the host to an entire microbiome of bacteria – an estimated 100 trillion of them! Keeping those bacteria happy, healthy, and in balance is a big part of a wellness lifestyle. As you can imagine, what you eat plays a very important role. In this mini-guide, we’ll outline the basics of gut health. Plus, we’ve included lots of delicious recipes. We hope you enjoy!



DIY Healthy Coffeehouse Drink Swaps

I created this book for you so you can enjoy the best of what your favorite coffeehouse has to offer… without all of the unnecessary sugar, artificial flavors & sweeteners, preservatives, trans fats, and other not so good-for-you ingredients! I hope you enjoy it.



Grilling Good Eats

The Grilling Good Eats Recipe Guide is the perfect complement to your meal planning arsenal. From sauces and sides to preparing your grill and testing for doneness, this guide will to help you whip up some creative, delicious and supportive meals all made on the grill. Cooking outdoors is one of my favorite ways to prepare my supportive meals. Grilling can be quick and easy with a little planning and know how.



Precision Nutrition Infographics



Click above for nutritional resources such as:


  • How to stay in shape when you’re busy.
  • The Power of Sleep
  • 3 Steps for prepping (and loving) your veggies
  • Good Stress, Bad Stress
  • Weakly Meal Prep: Mastered
  • The best calorie control guide
  • and much more!




How to work from home and manage your team (Coming soon)

Transforming current anxieties and fear into strategic growth, progress, and achievement. Dan Sullivan-Strategic Coach

Providing leadership during uncertain times can be challenging. Navigating successfully through the unpredictable requires combatting any feelings of fear, anxiety, and uncertainty. Instead of focusing on merely surviving through difficult times, take advantage of these resources and support your creative thinking, communications, and actions.



Support your local small businesses:

Below are MaxStrength Clients who own small businesses just like us so please try and support them if you can! If you know of any other small businesses you’d like to see included please email


Sara’s Place


Let us cook you dinner tonight!!!


Image may contain: food

1501 Chagrin River Road, Gates Mills, Ohio 44040



Jake’s on the Lake



  • Website:
  • Address: 32485 Lake Rd, Avon Lake, OH 44012
  • Phone: (440) 933-8304


Redhawk Grille in Concord


Redhawk is offering Family Style Meals

Carry out: Noon- 9pm Daily

Delivery 4-9pm Daily





  • Zappitelli’s in Mentor
    9570 Mentor Ave
    Mentor, Ohio 44060
    (440) 352-1185



The old Zappitelli’s of Painesville, Ohio is back! Anthony Zappitelli has partnered up with long time Restauranteur Nick Raischel and Chef Kyle Bibeault to open Red Creek Bar & Grill by Zappitelli. Red Creek features homemade pizzas, jumbo chicken wings, enormous juicy burgers, Kyle’s Famous Ribs and a variety of fresh, delicious salads!

1820 N. Ridge Rd.

Painesville, Ohio 44077


Highlights info row image

(440) 853-8490





Monday-Thursday 3pm-9pm

Friday 11am-9pm

Saturday noon -9pm

Sunday noon-8pm


18 At-Home Ideas To Keep Kids Busy And Entertained During The Coronavirus Outbreak

As more schools close, here are useful resources for parents, kids, and teachers.

 1. Listen to storytime from celebs at Storyline Online.

Queue up books read by everyone from Kristen Bell to Betty White to Oprah.


2. Or listen to astronauts at Story Time From Space.


3. Browse useful Learn at Home guides — for grades pre-K through 12 — at Scholastic.

These helpful packs were put together because of the school closures — and in all, there will be 20 days’ worth.


4. Watch the Healthy Habits video series from Sesame Street — then print the free activity book that goes along with it.



Sesame Street

The printable book covers healthy foods, easy games and exercises, and how to practice good hygiene. (Wash those hands! 👏)


5. Do a daily lunch doodle with children’s book author and illustrator Mo Willems.


Facebook: watch

Every day at 1 p.m. ET for the next few weeks, Mo will host a doodle session from his studio. Set a reminder via Facebook invite here, then stream it live at the Kennedy Center website.


6. Or stream a kids’ drawing class from illustrator Wendy MacNaughton.

It’ll be held every day this week at 10 a.m. PT on Instagram Live.


7. Burn off extra energy with kids’ dance routines from GoNoodle.

Like this one from Trolls! There’s also a great Indoor Recess movement series.


8. Or try a yoga session from Cosmic Kids Yoga.

It even has ones themed for Frozen and Minecraft.


9. Make use of thousands of free K–12 worksheets and printables.

Find the full archive at 123Homeschool4Me.


10. Add some kid-friendly educational shows to your Netflix queue.



Here’s a great starter list with options for elementary, middle, and high school students.


11. Take a virtual field trip to a museum or theater.


Flickr: soelin

Tour everything from Boston’s Children’s Museum to the Louvre in France. Because of closures, New York City’s Metropolitan Opera will also stream a program every night through March 31. Find the schedule here, then watch here.


12. Or keep watch on a zoo or aquarium.

The Smithsonian’s National Zoo has webcams on its pandas, lions, and elephants. And the Georgia Aquarium lets you watch its beluga whales, penguins, and piranhas.


13. Make something delicious in the kitchen that your kids can help with.



Like build-your-own French bread pizzas or no-bake Cheerios snack bars.

More ideas: 21 Fun and Delicious Recipes You Can Make With Your Kids


14. Take fun personality quizzes at National Geographic Kids.

I’m a triceratops, FYI. 😊


15. If you need quiet time to get work done, plug kids (headphones and all!) into these virtual musical instruments.

They can jam out on guitar, drums, pan flute, and more.


16. Play a ton of interactive games and puzzles at Highlights Kids.

Also, check out their kid-tailored crafts and recipes.


17. Bookmark this list of low-cost (and no-cost) indoor activities to keep little kids entertained.

Like this clever nail salon station that practices hand-eye coordination — and cuts down on mess.

More ideas: 27 Indoor Activities for Kids Stuck at Home Because of the Coronavirus


18. If your kids are older, try one of these sample daily educational breakdowns from Khan Academy.

It offers suggestions from pre-K all the way up to 12th grade. Find a comprehensive Google Doc here.

COVID-19 Information

CDC Coronavirus “Protect Your Health”

CDC Coronavirus “What You Should Know”

World Health Organization: Advice to the Public