One-on-One Personal Training

MaxStrength Fitness provides the most efficient, effective and safe one-on-one personal training service anywhere.  Under the watchful eye of our certified exercise specialists you will experience a workout unmatched in the fitness industry.

We utilize a low-force, high-intensity protocol that was developed out of an osteoporosis study conducted at the University of Florida Medical School along with Nautilus, the equipment manufacturer.  With our unique background in physical therapy, sports medicine, and strength and conditioning, we have evolved this protocol to achieve optimal health and fitness results from just two, 20 minute sessions a week.

The system used at MaxStrength fitness allows anyone at any fitness level to achieve results in a fraction of the time spent with traditional training not to mention avoiding the injuries most suffer from these types of methods.  This also helps to avoid injuries.

Our low-force training is devoid of any momentum, which ensures that the muscular system is performing at all times and when taken to muscular fatigue the results are profound. You are always under the direct supervision and guidance of our certified exercise specialties, which ensures optimal safety, performance and results.

We also provide a clinically controlled environment where the temperature is set at a comfortable 64 degrees.  This allows you to perform at an optimal level while never breaking a sweat. The bonus is that you can go right back to your busy day without wasting time showering or grooming.  Our facility is also devoid of distractions.  MaxStrength Fitness is not your typical gym environment with mirrors, music and people socializing, which can be disruptive.  This allows for extreme focus to maximize your effort.

So whether you are a beginner or a professional athlete, a baby boomer or a young executive, in the worst shape of your life or already in great shape and looking to take it to the next level, not to mention those who have orthopedic or functional limitations, MaxStrength Fitness’ personal training is your solution for optimal health and fitness!