Finding time for personal training in Cleveland, Ohio, can seem overwhelming. How are you supposed to fit hours of exercise into each day, when you are already cramming every available second with work, meetings, and responsibilities?

Personal training has to be a priority. You have to make time for it – it won’t just magically happen on its own. That said, you don’t have to schedule your entire day, every day, around working out to get to the fitness level you deserve.

A sensible personal training program takes into account three key factors when designing a fitness regimen:

  1. Current and desired state of fitness. This means where you are, and where you want to be. Maybe you have a high metabolism, and losing weight isn’t your main concern – but your muscles lack tone and you are out of breath climbing stairs when the elevator breaks down. Alternatively, maybe when you stopped playing handball or tennis to devote extra hours to your career, the pounds crept up on you. Your personal trainer needs to know if you want to drop pounds, build endurance, or focus on muscle mass.
  2. Your activity level. Maybe you already run two miles every morning and are more interested in a personal training regimen that adds strength training. Maybe you tend to sit at a desk all day and then collapse when you get home. Do you stay up and on the move overseeing underlings at your job, or do you sit behind a desk in the corner office and direct operations from your chair?
  3. Your diet. When you are in your twenties, your metabolism is still high and you can get away with eating almost anything. For most people, however, this honeymoon period doesn’t last. Maybe you just never got out of the habit of eating everything you wanted, or maybe your work hours leave you too drained to do more than order takeout or carry out at the end of a long day.

Many fitness “experts” say you “have” to commit to daily exercise, of up to an hour or more per day. That’s the equivalent of saying that a specific repair on a car takes a certain amount of time – which is how most car shops work. “Tune up on a 2010 Mercedes? That will be 2 hours of labor, plus parts.” A savvy mechanic who knows what he is doing, however, can handle the job in just 45 minutes and get the same results. He’s done the job so many times that he has a system – and he works smart, not hard.

At Max Strength Fitness, working out falls under the same concept. Why spend an hour working hard, if you can spend 20 minutes working smart, and get the same results? Our Cleveland, Ohio, personal fitness regimen includes workouts that use the least amount of time to get the highest amount of stimulus. These workouts can be completed in twenty minutes or less, and only need to be done twice a week.

Your body fat percentage will drop, your muscle mass will increase, and your energy will skyrocket – all in the amount of time you might take to grab a cup of coffee and a bagel. Combined with a sensible diet, our “twenty minutes, twice a week” approach will have you going over your executive schedule with a fine tooth comb and finding those twice a week slots to prioritize your health and fitness decision. Call or come by for a consultation today!