Our Equipment & Facilities

The line-up of equipment we utilize at MaxStrength Fitness is unmatched in the industry. We utilize SuperSlow Systems, MedX, Nautilus, Hoist, Cybex, and David equipment, which allows you to receive the most efficient, effective and safe workout possible. To our knowledge we are the only facility in the United States to provide a full line of ALL three systems, which allows you to receive the most efficient, effective and safe workout possible. Many facilities try to accomplish this with inferior equipment. As the saying goes “Often imitated but never duplicated!”

Our exercise equipment is specifically designed for the following outcomes:

  • Track muscle-joint function. The movement pattern of the equipment mimics the movement patterns we use during daily activities so there is complete carry over to improve functional activity on a daily basis.
  • Low-friction to produce maximum muscular tension. Most exercise equipment has a lot of friction, which requires the user to move quickly in order to avoid any sticking points in the movement pattern. This requires momentum to be involved rather than the targeted musculature, which defeats the purpose of meaningful muscular loading. While training at MaxStrength Fitness, you will experience minimal friction and feel as if you are lifting “heavy air”.
  • Enables the most efficient loading of your muscles by matching the resistance of the machine with the strength of your muscles in all positions of the exercise through special cams and variable cam timing.
  • Provides the best exercise stimulus while being completely safe; each piece of equipment applies safe resistance to the body and ensures your body is positioned correctly.
  • Accommodates clients of all sizes.

Clinically Controlled Facilities

From the moment you walk into MaxStrength Fitness, we want you to participate in a revolutionary fitness experience that is unmatched in the industry.

Our goal is for you to feel welcome, comfortable and respected. The reception area will be calming and attractive as you wait for your personal training session to begin. We also offer a private changing area with lockers so you can secure your belongings during your workout.

Each of our staff members is held to a high standard of excellence and integrity both on and off the job. You can expect them to dress and act professionally at all times.

Our workout room is a clinically controlled environment that offers the following benefits:

  • We keep the workout rooms cool (and keep fans at each station) to prevent your body from overheating and maximize your workout. As a result, few people sweat during our workouts.
  • Every session occurs in a distraction-free environment. Most of the equipment faces the walls so you will not be distracted by anyone else in the facility. There are no mirrors or loud music. Talking and socializing is frowned upon in the facility.
  • You and your instructor move around the facility as though you are in a private training session even if others are in the room. No one exists during your workout except you and your instructor.
  • One of our certified exercise practitioners will lead you through your entire private workout. They will never yell or scream at you. The only time they will speak is when they are providing instruction or encouraging you to push yourself further.
  • Your instructor is your mind for the duration of the workout. By allowing your mind to be guided by your instructor you will ensure the most efficient, effective and safe workout possible.

These unique factors contribute to your overall experience at MaxStrength Fitness. We are here to serve you. Our hope is that you will appreciate the intentional details and thought behind everything we do.