Fitness Over 45

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If you are over 45 and lack the energy, drive, and stamina you once had, it’s probably because of your exercise routine.

Or maybe you dread the thought of working out, or have given up completely, or have been stuck on endless diets.

Here’s the deal, none of those things are your fault, and I’ll explain why.

Your body changes over time, and the things we were taught to stay in shape in our 20s and 30s no longer work, because they don’t alter the body’s physiology to rebuild your metabolism.

But all of the research points to one thing that can finally get your metabolism, and your health back.

My name is Jeff Tomaszewski, the Chief Life Transformer at MaxStrength Fitness where we help men and women over 45 reverse the aging process in only 20 minutes twice a week without breaking a sweat.

I had a new client come in the other day and she tried the elliptical religiously to lose weight and get in shape.

But she was tired all the time, her body ached, and she didn’t see results, and in the end hated the thought of feeling like she’s on a hamster wheel.

She became depressed seeing that she only burned the equivalent of a snack, and she was forced to go on an endless diets to keep the weight off.

But it wasn’t her fault, she was doing just what she was taught.

She knew there had to be a better way and that’s why she came to MaxStrength Fitness.

Research and thousands of our sessions show that if you can stimulate the muscle properly, you can not only rebuild your metabolism and burn more fat than any other method, but it also gives your body an injection of energy and make you feel alive again.

That stimulus you need is called Resistance training, and it is the #1 way for anyone over the age of 45 to burn fat, boost metabolism and regain their health.

Not to mention it increases your energy and burns calories even when not working out.

The more muscle you pack on your frame, the more calories you burn at rest.

You in a sense become a fat burning machine throughout the day.

The problem is, if you were to do it at a traditional gym, it would take hours to do and you risk getting injured.

However, when you include our Continuous Tension Method and the science of doing it right, you rebuild your metabolism and burn fat even when you are not working out.

You have tons more energy, and you get in amazing shape in a fraction of the time you’d normally spend in the gym.

When our clients engage in our Anti-Aging Strength System, they increase their energy, metabolism, strength, flexibility, mobility, bone density, libido and so much more!

And they discover a routine that for the first time in their life they can stick with as they age.

At MaxStrength Fitness, our Continuous Tension Resistance Training is part of our 9 step Anti-Aging Strength System.

Our expert TEAM personalize your program built for your body type, goals, and lifestyle.

In less than 20 minutes, twice a week, you’ll see better results than most spending hours at the gym everyday.

It is what has led literally hundreds of people in our area to regain their strength, confidence, energy, and satisfaction in how they look and feel.

If you would like experience our unique system for yourself you can request a free initial workout at maxsterngthfitness.com.

We look forward to helping you become the strongest version of yourself in only minutes a week!