Holiday 2021

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Thanksgiving is coming up and it’s my Favorite holiday. Family, friends, football, and more football. And of course all of that amazing food! I love Thanksgiving because it’s all about one of my favorite life practices which is being grateful. It’s not about presents and stressing over what to buy someone. We can truly take the day to just be grateful for what we have.  

This holiday season, I’m truly grateful for my family. My 3 princesses mean the world to me and I can’t wait to spend the day with them and other family members. I’m also extremely grateful for my TEAM, You know, those passionate, dedicated life transformers that show up every day ready to help you achieve your fitness goals in only minutes a week. They are the ones who have made MSF one of the premiere 1-1 High-intensity strength training companies in the country. Yes, the country. And of course, I’m always grateful for YOU our loyal, dedicated, hard-working family of clients. Without you, we couldn’t do what we love. Without you, we couldn’t strive towards achieving our mission of eradicating obesity and helping improve the quality of those who are on the back nine of life it you will.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, that’s typically the kick-off of the holiday season, although I’ve seen more people decorating already than ever. I’m sure next year we’ll see Christmas trees and lights up before Halloween.I digress…Where was I? Oh yes, Thanksgiving …is typically the start of the holiday season, and with that can come the dreaded holiday weight gain. Well in order to help you combat that and not become a statistic like most people the most important thing you can do this holiday season is staying consistent with your workouts. Even if you’re traveling south or west for an extended period of time our Virtual training is a great option to keep on the fitness path. Because after all, if you don’t use it you will lose it. and I’m talking about that expensive muscle mass you’ve worked so hard to gain. My goal and yours should be too is to maintain my body weight and NOT gain or god forbid try and lose like most trainers try and coax their clients into.

So in order to help you with that, we’re launching our yearly Holiday Survival Guide that is packed with tips and tricks to ensure you don’t pack on the pounds this holiday season but also allows you to enjoy it too. Plus it has a ton of great healthy recipes along with some traditional ones too. So check out our Holiday Survival Guide at maxstrengthyfitness.com/holiday.  

One more thing, since it is the holiday season I can’t think of a better gift for someone you care about than the gift of health and fitness. So starting today through Jan 31st, 2022 anyone you refer to MSF can come in and experience our unique services and help them to kick start their fitness journey into 2022. They’ll get • An Initial Consultation, where we’ll talk about their goals, past medical history, and any nagging pains or injuries they may have, and how to work around them to meet their needs. ($150 Value)• 4, 20-Minute Sessions, where they’ll experience firsthand the MaxStrength Fitness difference. They’ll develop a real sense of how these two, 20-minute workouts can safely transform their body. ($216 Value)• An InBody Scan to determine their current levels of body fat and muscle mass so we can track their progress over time ($97 Value)• A 6 Week Lifestyle challenge to change their habits forever ($99 Value)• 101 SuperFoods Report, where we show them how to make food choices easy and quick. ($47 Value)
• Professional Personal Coaching & World-Class Customer Service. (Priceless)All together – The Initial Consultation and Bonuses total out to a value of $609, but if they act before Jan 31 2022 they can get EVERYTHING as our gift to you! -but they have to sign up for their consultation by Jan 31st 2022!

Plus anyone you refer between now and Jan 31st who joins our fitness family you’ll receive 2 months of free training. So not only do you become the hero in helping those you care about you can continue on your fitness journey and help us build our business with like-minded clients just like you! Simply have your friend, family member, co-worker give us a call or go to maxstrengthfitness.com and sign up for an initial consultation and we’ll roll out the red carpet! Wow, that was a lot! Again on behalf of my TEAM and myself Thank you for trusting us with your fitness journey and have a very Happy and Joyous holiday season!