Moderation doesn’t work

By June 24, 2022No Comments

I am going to say something that’s a little controversial today – but hang with me. Because I’m going to also share something that you can do about it. Are you ready? “Moderation” is one of the biggest buzzwords in wellness right now. But guess what? It doesn’t work …Because almost everyone does it wrong. The fact is, what looks like “moderation” to one person might be something completely different for someone else.

When it comes to food, your definition of “moderate” can depend on what you grew up eating, your current everyday eating habits, or even your mood. As an example, what would you consider a moderate amount of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies? Or a moderate amount of guacamole … or pizza … or pasta & meatballs? If you conducted a poll, you’d probably come up with a huge range of answers for each of those things.

Which makes “MODERATION” very hard to pin down. All of this is backed up by science. A major study found that when people ate according to the old saying, “everything in moderation,” they ended up with a LESS healthy diet than people who ate a smaller number of healthy foods.PLUS: they ended up with bigger waists and a higher chance of developing diabetes.

So, how do you do moderation correctly? You focus on HEALTHY choices, HEALTHY foods, and HEALTHY habits – most of the time. This helps you set up a few guardrails for yourself. And occasionally, you take a little detour and let yourself enjoy some foods you don’t normally eat …. and then get right back to your healthy habits, without making it a big deal.

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