The Pencil Principle

By September 30, 2022No Comments

There are Four things you need to know before you go out into the world.

Remember these things, and you’ll be the best person you can be. First, look at this pencil. We know that for it to become a helpful pencil that from time to time and again again, it’s gonna have to go through a re-sharpening. Well if this pencil could feel, we could imagine how painful that would be, but that’s what it takes for it to be a useful pencil. Life is much the same. Painful experiences and challenges come to us all, but it’s through these opportunities that we build character and we grow.

The second is to keep in mind you will be able to correct many of the mistakes you make along the way, just like this eraser. So we learn from our mistakes; they’re not mistakes they’re lessons we can use to do better than next time around 3rd. Just like this pencil every place where you were used so to speak, you leave your mark, you’re writing your own story. And 4th always remember, the most important part of you is what’s inside. 

Let’s say you were just given a death sentence. Let’s just say you’ve got three months left. You got a sickness. Somethings wrong. you have three months.

All of a sudden, you get much more urgent. You kiss your babies and hug them longer maybe a 15 second hug, you tell your spouse your love them more often. You mend old relationships, pick up the phone and make the call you’ve been putting off.

You would work with much more passion, much more urgency. You wouldn’t put things off. You wouldn’t casual anymore. I only got three months left. You would have a death sentence.

My friends, you have a death sentence. All of us are going to die. No one is getting out of this alive. We’re all going to die. You’ve got to be more urgent with your life.