Are you too busy?

By July 29, 2022No Comments

I recently read a book by Brianna Weist called the Mountain Is You: Transforming Self–Sabotage Into Self–Mastery.

I strongly recommend checking it out and here’s one piece of the book I thought would be helpful. One very common way that people self-sabotage is by distracting themselves to the point of being completely phased out of their lives.

People who are constantly “busy“ are running from themselves. Nobody is “busy“ unless they want to be busy, and you will know that because so many people with extremely hectic schedules would never describe themselves that way. This is because being “busy“ is not a virtue; it only signals to others that you do not know how to manage your time or your task.

Being busy communicates importance; it often makes you seem a little untouchable to others. It also overwhelms the body said he can only focus on the tasks at hand. Being busy is the ultimate way to distract ourselves from what’s really wrong.

So how do you resolve this? If your schedule is unmanageable, you’re never going to be as effective or productive as you could be. If this is the case, your first job has to be to streamline and prioritize your tasks in order of importance, outsource whatever else you can, and then let go of the rest.

If your issue is that you intentionally create chaos and busyness in your day when there is no need for it, you have to get comfortable with simplicity and routine.

Start with writing down your top 3 tasks that need to be done each day, and then focus on doing those and only those. You might also need to confront the sense of “protection“ that being busy gives you. Does it make you feel more important than others? Does it give you an excuse to say “no“ to plans or to avoid some people?

You need to find healthier and more productive ways to cope with these feelings, such as finding genuine self-confidence in what you do by creating something you’re proud of, or getting better at calmly but clearly stating your boundaries and needs in relationships.

Speaking of being too “busy “… When I survey people and asked them the number one reason they don’t exercise consistently they say they don’t have enough time.

Well, we all have the same 24 hours in the day. What I would tell them is they’re not making it a priority.

But that’s why 20 minutes, twice a week at MaxStrength Fitness is such a perfect fit for most people. You’re in and out and back to your busy day without wasting time showering or grooming, in a fraction of the time you’d normally spend in a traditional gym. Let alone, no mirrors, music, distractions or social settings. You get in, do the work, walk out, and live a life transformed.

If you’d like to experience this firsthand you can request your free initial consultation demo work out and I’ll show you exactly how you can achieve your Health and fitness goals and only minutes a week without breaking a sweat. You’ll no longer have the excuse of “I’m too busy” to achieve your fitness goals. Thanks for watching and until next time be strong, eat clean, and live well.