Better Nights Better Mornings

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Hey! It’s Jeff with MaxStrength Fitness and in this video,

I’m going to talk about TWO habits that can make or break your results.BUT … even though these habits are super important, we don’t usually give them a lot of thought. That’s because they are so deeply ingrained into our daily lifestyles …that they’re almost automatic.

Those two habits are how we START and END our days –our morning and evening routines. I have a few questions you can ask yourself … and a few tips for making small changes in your routines so you can put yourself in the best position to OWN your day. They can definitely set the tone for so much of how you feel every day and night …Here’s an example of how big of an impact they can have …Have you ever had your alarm NOT go off when you expected it to …so you end up waking up late?

And then for the entire morning, you feel like EVERYTHING is going wrong?

It’s the worst. It can set you up for making poor food choices, feeling tired and stressed,
and even affect your workouts – right down to whether or not you even get in your workout! Or maybe your nighttime routine gets thrown off because you stayed up late with friends or had an event to go to. Which can make it hard to fall asleep (or not get enough sleep) …and set you up for a not-so-great tomorrow. This is why whenever possible, it’s a good idea to create a super-simple everyday routine that supports your lifestyle.

And once you find one that’s working for you, keep it as STABLE as you can.  If routines seem like something that will “restrict” you …they actually serve the OPPOSITE purpose.  The right routines will help take away stress and make your life easier! They can save you time and also make it easier for you to make healthy choices. Do you want to know what the trick is to create a healthy routine that you’ll stick with? Here it is: You don’t have to completely overhaul what you do now …because drastically changing what you’re already doing can actually ADD stress.So instead, what if you just ADDED to what you do now, or tweaked your current routines so that they work WITH you instead of against you?

This is what I personally do, and what I work on with my clients to help them install new healthy habits into their life. So here’s the big question. What’s ONE THING you can do TONIGHT to make tomorrow morning easier? JUST ONE THING!

Will you pack your workout bag and put it next to the door? Pack up your lunch? Or something else? And here’s an important piece … WHEN will you do it? Right after dinner?After you let the dog out for the night?
Your time trigger is an important part of the habit process, so give it some thought! You can even set an alarm on your phone to remind you.

Try it, and I guarantee it won’t be long until this new action becomes your new “automatic” part of your routine. Now – if you want to take your morning and evening routine to the NEXT LEVEL …And get my PROVEN formula to create your own simple, intentional, & crush-your-goals kind of routines …You can grab my brand new, FREE Good Morning, Good Night Ritual Guide that helps you reduce stress,
get more done, and also get REAL results.

You can go to maxstrengthfitnss.com/ritual Make it an amazing day – I’ll talk to you again soon!