Give What You Want

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The Beatles wrote all you need is Love. Love Is All you need.

I don’t know about you. But the one thing I do want more in life is Love, don’t you?

One of the most valuable personal development principles I was ever taught was don’t want what you want. That’ll only create more want. Instead, give what you want. That will ignite the process of creating. This is so important. Journey with me here for a bit. Think about it. What do you want? Do you want to have more confidence? Can you see how wanting to be more confident only reinforces your lack of it? That’s not good. Instead, here’s what you want to do. Give what you want. Help bolster the confidence of somebody else. When you see the positive impact you start having on them, it will boost your self-confidence. Do you want more courage? Well, then encourage someone else. Do you want more hope? Well, provide hope to somebody else. How about Money, want more? Well then give money to support someone or something else. Want more belief in yourself? Well, help instill the belief in somebody else. Would you like more opportunities? Well, help somebody else find an opportunity.

How about new connections? Want some?
Connect two people whom you know would benefit from each other. Do you get the idea? So then you want more Love, right? Well, what do you do then? Right, give Love to somebody else. I do something that sounds a bit odd. I send Love to somebody every day. I give Love by thinking of one person. Anyone. It could be a friend or relative, a coworker, or somebody that I just met and ran into in the supermarket. It really doesn’t matter. And then I send them Love by imagining all the things that I wish, and I hope for them and for their life. Someone would call this a blessing or a prayer. I just call it a mental love letter.

This process turns on my love magnets every morning, and it’s amazing how the world changes around you when I turn on my love magnets in the morning. by the way, I’ll let you in on a little secret. I often wake up thinking about you and I write you a love letter in my mind many mornings, especially to some of you who I regularly see show up in the comments. Those of you who do a wonderful job supporting the rest of the MaxStrength Fitness community. I hope that you have been getting my cosmic letters and feeling the Love inside. another form of lovemaking that I do is knowing many people’s love language is appreciation. I try to go through my day looking for ways to thank and appreciate the people around me.

You see my goal is to catch people doing things right and then I say, hey, I saw that, I really appreciate you for that. What I’m really saying is if I were courageous enough to say it plainly is I love you. also once in a while, I write a handwritten note or an unexpected email or even a text message to tell somebody how important he or she is to me and how much I appreciate him or her. Don’t wait for Valentine’s Day to tell people that you love them. Tell them every day in every way that you can.

I encourage you to Make Love all day, every day. You can do it privately to start or write or type or text it. But even better is if you take a Single human being You hold them by the shoulders, You look deeply into their eyes and you simply say I love you. scary. I know.

Practice on your dog. If you have to. They are sure to lick you back. Then try it on at least one human person today. Maybe another tomorrow. And who knows, you might. Love it. Alright, so who’s up for the challenge? If you are writing I love you in the comments below if you’re watching this on social media or reply back if you got this via email.

Just know that I LOVE YOU! Thanks for watching!