One Person At A Time

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I’m on a mission to help eradicate the obesity epidemic and to help our culture live a healthy and fit lifestyle and when I think about that daunting task I can sometimes get overwhelmed.

Then I realize, I can’t save everyone, I can’t help everyone, I can’t fix them all.

I can only save & help and fix the ones who want to be saved & helped.

Maybe you lead a company or a family and you’re trying to save or help everyone too.

It can be overwhelming right?

I mean you’re just one person.

Well, when I think of the bigger picture and get a bit stressed about trying to help everyone I’m reminded of this story.

And you probably heard it before but we all need reminding of this very important point when it comes to leadership and our relationship responsibility to others.

 so Once Upon a time there’s an old man who used to go to the ocean shore to do his writing.

 he had a habit of walking on the beach every morning before he began his work.

 one morning he’s walking along the shore after a big storm had passed he noticed that the vast beach was littered with starfish as far as the eye can see stretching in both directions.

 they must have washed up during the night.

 thoroughly enjoying the warmth of the sun and the cool silky sea air the man walked for miles.

 as he strolled along he noticed a small figure that was dancing out in the distance.

 it made him chuckle to think that somebody was celebrating life in such an uninhibited way.

 as he got closer however it became apparent that the figure was not dancing at all.

 instead she seemed to be repeatedly performing some sort of a ritual as he drew nearer still he noticed that the small figure was a little girl.

 she was meticulously and methodically picking up starfish and tossing them back into the surf.

 he paused for a moment puzzled and then he approached the little girl and asked, why are you throwing the starfish in high tide?

she replied if I leave them on the beach the sun will soon dry them and they will die.

 I’m throwing them into the ocean so that they can live.

 the man considered the statement and then motioning up and down the miles of beach with his arm he said but there must be thousands of starfish on this beach.

 I’m afraid you won’t really be able to make much of a difference.

 the young girl stopped, her face darkened, she chewed thoughtfully on her lower lip and said,   you’re probably right.

 but then she looked down at a starfish and leaned over and carefully picked it up.

 she pulled back tossed it gently into the sea

and with a tone of gentle defiance she said but I made a difference for that one.

 you see we can all make a difference but too often making a difference seemed so overwhelming.

 particularly these days when it seems that were facing so many daunting political and social and global challenges.

 we think well I’m not in a position to change any of those things and in that state of Overwhelm, like the old man was, we do nothing .

why? because we don’t think that there’s anything we can do.

 while you might not be able to make a difference to the world to all the starfish struggling to survive on the beach you most certainly can make a difference to the world, life and future of the next starfish that you reach out your hand to help.

 as Mother Teresa said right, never worry about the numbers.

 help one person at a time and always start with the person nearest to you.

So if you need help with your health and fitness. We’re here.

Weather you’re an existing client, a previous client or a new client.  We’ve weathered the storm by helping one person at a time just like that little girl helped one starfish at a time.

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