A letter

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A client recently emailed me to share their experience over the past year and with his blessing I am sharing it with all of you. The impact of our shared experiences can have a profound effect on all of us as a collective, and I am so grateful for his transparency and willingness to share!


Covid hit me really hard.  The impact on my business was dramatic.  Personally is caused me to lose track of many of my goals for health, nutrition, wellbeing.

It all happened rather quickly and lasted almost a year.

I found myself eating more, drinking more, watching too much TV, exercising less, reading less, lifting less.  I stopped journaling, meditating and finding time to be grateful.

It was a slow, bit by bit shift from good behaviors to bad.  Some how finding a mental justification, excuse for each transgression.

For me the biggest was drinking every night and eating sugar far too often.  This in turn lead to less exercise and other limiting behaviors.

The change was a new GOAL.

It all changed when I decided to commit to a three week vacation to Colorado in September to go hiking and biking in the mountains.  To go in my current state was not even an option.  I would be miserable.  This one shift in thinking made everything I did connect to how I would feel in Colorado.  Would I be happy and able to enjoy the trip or would I be miserable.

Guess what?  I stopped drinking.  I stopped eating sugar.  I started cycling again.  I starting walking again and I started lifting again.  I now go to bed early and get great sleep.  I’m reading and focusing on my mental health.  I’m back to investing in me.  Every time I even think about being bad, my brain is able to forego the immediate satisfaction knowing the long term gain I will get in September and beyond.

There is also a quote I put on my mirror just about the time things turned.  “If I quit today I’ll soon be back to where I was when I started and when I started I desperately wanted to be where I am today”.

I think of this every day.  When I want a drink, when I want ice cream and cookies, when I want to eat chicken wings.

The power of a single goal.

Anyway, once again, thanks for what you do.  You are inspiring to us all and I’m proud to be a part of Max Strength Fitness.

Jeff” First of all thank you for sharing and being so transparent.  I truly appreciate it.

The single key word in everything you wrote that changed everything was that you “decided” to change!

We all know what we should do, but most don’t Common sense is rarely common practice!

I’m so proud of the shift you made and that you took ACTION!!!! 

COVID has affected everyone in very different ways even those we think it would not like a high achieving business man who is at the top of his mental and physical game.  I’ll admit, I’ve had several not so proud moments over the last year, but I’ve learned a great deal about myself just as I’m sure you have. Look at this as an amazing life lesson and blessing. It’s often the hell we go through that leads us to salvation.

Keep up the great work and I expect to see pictures of your epic adventure coming up in September!