Small Steps For The Win

By January 20, 2022No Comments

In this video, I am going to talk about an old-fashioned piece of wisdom. It’s one that I find incredibly motivating … and you’ll probably resonate with this, too.

So this piece of wisdom dates back at least a century … and while it might seem like it only applies to chores around the house …it actually applies to any big change you want to make in your life. Since we’re at the start of a new year, I thought it was pretty timely to talk about it now. Ready?

Here’s the saying: “It’s easier to clean a clean house.” On the surface, that seems too simple and obvious to be meaningful … but hang with me!

What it really means is that the small things you do CONSISTENTLY are what make the most difference! Not see-sawing back and forth between doing nothing and doing everything. Let’s say you’re looking to make big changes in your health or fitness this year.

Rather than punishing yourself with long, hard workouts, deprivation diets, or overhauling your entire life that’s impossible to stick to … It means STARTING WHERE YOU ARE.Don’t expect yourself to go from high blood pressure, cholesterol, sugar to normal in a week or two.

Or from 20-50lbs overweight to your ideal size in a matter of weeks. Instead, work on SLOW AND STEADY PROGRESS. This way it won’t feel like you have a HUGE mountain to climb. You’ll feel great about your progress, and you’ll be AMAZED at the improvements you make! 

There’s nothing more motivating than that. But even better, as you gain momentum you’ll start to do more – and it will feel EASIER.PLUS: This approach makes it easier to keep up with your new habits over time. (aka easier to clean a clean house!)Here’s a great example: If someone comes to me and wants to lose body fat. We’ll review their current nutritional habits and change one simple thing to start leading towards their desired outcome.

For example, if someone isn’t eating a well balanced dinner, I’ll recommend they eat 1 meal of protein and veggies every Monday night. That’s it! You might ask? One meal??? YES! I need them to get a win and make it so easy they can’t fail. And notice I assigned a specific day to it so we can keep them accountable and they can’t put it off until the next day and the next day and the next day and then never do it all. Does that make sense?

Give it a try! And let me know what motivates YOU? I’d love to know about it. Drop me a comment or a DM or shoot me an email at jeff@maxstrengthfitness.com. And if you’re ready to make some changes in your health & fitness, be sure to request your free initial consultation and workout at maxstrengthfitness.com and we’ll help you make slow steady progress for a lifetime of healthy living!

Thanks for watching! Make it a great day, I’ll talk with you again soon.