The Four Pillars of Health

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Hey, it’s Jeff here … and in this video, I want to expand on something I said the other day, about moderation. Just the other day, I talked about how for MOST people, the idea of “moderation” doesn’t work.

That’s because we can’t really define it. It means different things to different people. Well, today I want to outline how you can use what makes you already FEEL GOOD to build a lifestyle that supports your fitness/health goals …By helping you feel EVEN BETTER.

It boils down to focusing on 4 SPECIFIC THINGS. Before I go too deep, if you don’t already know me, I’m Jeff Tomaszewski with Maxstrength Fitness, and we help men and women just like you reverse the aging process in only minutes a week without breaking a sweat.

OK, so let’s talk about these 4 things … which I’ll call THE 4 PILLARS OF FITNESS & WELLNESS. When you pay attention to these four basic areas, they work together to boost your fitness, energy, mood, and your overall health! And everyone wants that, right?

Have you ever had a time in your life when you felt “ON”?Like you had so much energy, your mood was up, and you felt really healthy and strong. That’s probably because you were ON POINT with your 4 pillars!

Here they are:

Pillar one: Healthy nutrition – this is eating nutrient-dense, whole foods that give you the vitamins, minerals, and all the other good stuff your body needs … without leaving you feeling too full, tired, bloated, and basically blah.

Pillar two: Regular, consistent exercise – getting some form of exercise most days of the week is great for your brain, your gut, your mood, your bones, balancing your blood sugar, your heart, and so much more.And let’s be specific, I’m obviously biased towards strength training. I mean it is the closest thing to the fountain of youth that we have.

Pillar three: Sleep – when you’re asleep, your body is very busy helping you recover from the previous day and getting you ready for the next one. It’s also CRITICAL for brain health and plays a big role in hormones that affect your stress level & appetite.

Pillar four: Relaxation, rest, & mindset work – This is all about balance.It’s important to give yourself downtime to have fun, reflect, and add depth to your life.And here’s the thing about these 4 pillars: they WORK TOGETHER.

When you INTENTIONALLY make time for them – and are CONSISTENT with them – you feel SO MUCH BETTER. It’s palpable. You have more energy, your mood is better, and you’ll probably have fewer aches & pains. Things just feel easier. Which can make it even more doable for you to stick with your healthy habits. I know that when I don’t pay attention to my 4 pillars, I can’t wait to get back to them because it makes such a big difference in how I feel and function.

Want an action plan to help you stick with your own pillars? Here’s a little assignment: come up with 2-3 core actions for each of YOUR pillars, that always help you feel great. Write them down so you always have a plan in case you find yourself a little off track.

They should be simple things that you can start doing right now. Maybe it’s having more healthy foods around instead of snack foods, or
… trying to get outside for a walk every afternoon, or… going to bed early so you have plenty of time for a full night of sleep, or… or shutting your phone off and taking a social media break for a few hours a day.

And … when you get off-track … all you have to do is take ONE ACTION on your pillars to start getting back on track! If you struggle with your exercise pillar then we’ve got your back.

You can request a free initial consultation and demo workout above and we’ll get you started right away! If you struggle with the other 3, Nutrition, Sleep, relaxation/mindset or want more of – in your life, stay tuned because we are launching our 1-1 MaxStrength Wellness coaching very soon. Until then, thank you for watching! I’ll talk with you again soon.