The Magic Pill

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Imagine that you could take and if you did, it would make you look younger and more attractive to the opposite. It would deepen the intimacy with your relationships with friends and family. It would make you feel better, reduce any physical pain you might have, reduce your blood pressure, improve your immune system, and increase your overall vitality and energy.

It would also improve your sleep. You sleep longer with better quality, you become more mentally resilient and recover from setbacks. Faster it would boost your self-confidence, and you’d make more friends. It wouldn’t make you more patient and better able to make sensible decisions. It would increase your self-control and keep you from overeating. It would eliminate any depression and overall make you a lot happier. Not just immediately, but perpetually. Suppose I told you such a pill. Would you want it now? Your first question is probably OK, but are there any side effects?

The answer is no zero, no downsides whatsoever. But, wow, right now you’re thinking, wow, well, how much well, how much would you be willing to pay for all those remedies and life-transforming results? It is like finding the fountain of youth and the Holy Grail all-in-one. Would you be willing to pay 10s of thousands, hundreds of thousands if you had to spend maybe even millions, right?

But what if I told you it was free?

OK, now you’re thinking: what’s the catch? Well, there’s only one. This pill is hard to swallow. To make this pill, you have to swallow your ego and your sentence. You have to swallow your neediness for attention and self-congratulations. What is this magic pill, you ask? It is gratitude. Every benefit I just listened has been verified and validated through multiple studies. If you practice gratitude, all those outcomes can be yours, more attractiveness, better intimacy with others, better health, greater self-esteem, more energy, and long-term happens. And it’s free.

It’s fast, free, with only positive side effects.

If you’ve been with us for any period, you know that I’m a big advocate for gratitude and the life-changing effects that it can have on your success as a human being. Practicing gratitude is a lot like taking vitamins. It’s something that has to be done over an extended period. Before you realize its great impact, you see that the world would rather sell you cocaine because cocaine will instantly make you feel better.

This is why people use retail therapy in an attempt to make themselves feel better. Indeed, the new outfit or watch or high point issues that cross your feet will make things better. Cocaine is like escaping your stress and depression and depressing life. The bends watch Netflix shows while eating junk food on your couch instantly. You feel better, and just like cocaine, the side effects are terrible. Gluttony, sloth, fatness, envy, debt, crushed toes and foot corns, and the happiness is gone almost instantly.

Gratitude, however, requires that you take your focus. Love what you lack. And put it on what you have. And take it off the stress of yourself and turn it on to others. See, that’s a harder pill to swallow, but one with immensely greater, longer-lasting, and fat-free results. So now, right now is the time to begin using the magical powers of this miracle practice. If you are grateful for these videos of which I spend an enormous amount of time, love, energy, and expense to produce for you, for free, by the way, I don’t ask you to pay subscription, and I don’t ask for donations; it’s commercial-free. There are no GEICO or Chevy truck commercials that you’re forced to sit through.

If these videos have been invaluable for you this year, if you are grateful for this resource, I only ask you to share it with others.

And the best way to do that is connected to your appreciation of someone else to help you, stimulate your grateful heart, and focus your appreciative mind.

Below I’m sharing my own gratitude assessment with you. It is the assessment I use to keep my mind primed and constantly looking to restock my gratitude shelves. I think you will find it very helpful!