Too, as well.

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Professionally too as well… Too as well, there you go, there’s another B clip for you.

You’ve said it 27 times. Is that the first time you’ve noticed?

Yes, it is. Too as well, too as well. Apparently I say too as well all the time, so Coleen’s going to show you exactly how many times I say too as well, and she’s going to cut up all of our videos in the past, and that’s the first time I caught myself actually doing it on camera. Now I’ve activated my reticular activating system and-

I don’t have a memory card big enough.

Yeah, we probably don’t have a memory card big enough, but it’s funny, I mean I go back years, I don’t even realize I say it but apparently too as well is ingrained in my vocabulary, so I’m not going to stop. You’re just going to have to bear with it. So enjoy the the B roll, and too as well.

There’s lots of other faults that I have too as well, or things that I would tell myself.

And people fall off back and forth too as well. That’s why if you’re a client of ours and you haven’t been-

And I’ll have a veggie omelet maybe too as well, and then-

His father growing up and you know, recently too as well. He said, “Look, just-“

… what your response is. I’d be happy to walk you through this process too as well.

Celebrate your wins too as well.

The camp is too as well as Case Western Reserve for physical therapy.

I’m using it over the summer. I hope you do too as well. Download it, print it off, share it.

… caring. If you liked this video, you can share that too as well.

Yet I’ve seen so many people fail too as well, and-

You know, that speaks to me personally. I try to teach my girls that too as well. Look-

I want to talk about the competitive thing though too as well, because a lot of times we get caught up.

There you go, there’s your video for that.

I love it, and I don’t want you to stop saying it.

I’m not going to.

At this point, I like it. I think it’s going to be even better when the clients hear you.

Well, now it will.

They’ve probably always heard it too.

Right, and too as well. All right, this is like take 10.