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Now, I get the unique opportunity to sit down with a lot of individuals during initial consultations here at MaxStrength Fitness, and I get to hear a lot of different stories and a lot of struggles and obstacles that people are dealing with. Most times I find it’s just about us getting clear on what they actually want to get out of life. Now, this can be obviously with health and fitness, but I’d ask you to take a look at anywhere in your life, if you’re really kind of struggling or to kind of just going along life and not really having that extreme focus of where you want to be, maybe three, six, 12 months down the road or maybe even a year or two. Get clarity. Ask yourself the question one, who do I want to become down the road and what do I actually want to achieve?

Now, those are two different things. You want to achieve something, but you’ve got to your ask yourself, who do I want and need to become to achieve that person? Because the skill sets you have today, there’ll be very different to achieve that goal. Look, you can’t go into the forest just blindly without a map. You can’t jump in your car and without GPS or fancy apps on our phone now to tell us where to go and just simply and say, “All right, drive to the West Coast,” without a navigation at all and get there efficiently. You have to have a plan. That’s what we do at MaxStrength Fitness.

The beauty is working one-on-one with us because we are your mind for these moments in time when you come in. We design the program for you. Look, you’ve got enough to worry about in your busy day, we take care of all of the mindset for you as far as the programming goes. But anywhere in your life, whether it’s health and fitness, get clear, first and foremost, on where you want to end up. Then you can reverse engineer it and ask yourself, who do I need to become in order to get to that point. Then start to work on those skill sets you need to acquire, and see how that works for you to gain some clarity in your life and in your vision.