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I hope you’re as excited about this new year and all the fun and adventure it
provides as I am.
Here’s what I love about the new year.
It’s a fresh start, a new beginning, a rebirth of sorts.
No matter what you’ve done or didn’t do, it doesn’t matter.
You get to begin anew.
This is true on both sides of the equation, by the way.
If you had a less than stellar year last year, if you made some mistakes, if
you didn’t achieve the goals that you set and you didn’t get in the shape that
you wanted.
If you weren’t the husband or wife you wanted to be, or the friend you
promised to be, the parent you aspired to be, the leader that you could have
The reset button has been pushed.
the past is No longer.
The whiteboard is erased, the etch a sketch is shaking clean and fresh.
White Canvas is placed before you from wherever you are.
You get a brand-new start on the other side of the equation.
If you crushed your goals, exceeded your plan, grew beyond your
expectation Like it or not, the reset button has been pushed.
The past no longer matters.
The whiteboard is erases the etch a sketch shaken clean and a fresh white
canvas is placed before you from wherever you are.
You get a brand-new start.You start right back at 0 at the bottom of the staircase.
you go back to go.
The door is shut on last year, it’s over.
The confetti have fallen. It’s been swept up. The page has been torn from the
calendar and now it’s time to begin again.
Even your current bank balance is a metric.
Of yesteryears victories and says nothing of your success today.
Remember this adage?
You never arrive.
You are never a success.
You cannot own success, you only rent it, and the rent is due every day.
And today you have a bright white canvas to make your next masterpiece on
this year starting on this day today.
It is my goal as your coach to help you make this year better than all the rest
This one will be the best yet to truly help you go for greatness this year.
To become the exception and to achieve the truly exceptional.
No matter how strong, how capable, talented you think you are or not.
If you get ignited by the right reasons why you can achieve the seemingly
impossible, let me share with you a story.
To illustrate this key point in the Andes mountains there were two warring
tribes that not so peacefully coexisted.
One that lived in the lowlands and the other high up in the mountains.
One day the mountain people came down and they raided the Lowlanders
Plundering their village and kidnapping a baby, they vanished up into the
mountains and took the child with them. The lowlanders, of course, were enraged at the kidnapping of one of their
The problem was they didn’t know where to find the Highlanders.
They didn’t know how to climb the mountains; they didn’t know any of the
trails like the mountain people.
And they didn’t know how to track them in the steep terrain.
Even so, they sent out their best party of strong fighting men to climb the
mountain and bring the baby home.
The men first tried one method of climbing and then another.
They tried one trail and then another.
After several days of effort, however, they had climbed only a few hundred
Feeling hopeless and helpless, the men decided that the cause was lost, and
they prepared to return back to their village below.
As they were packing their gear for the descent, they saw the baby’s mother
walking toward them.
They realized that she was coming down the mountain, that they hadn’t
figured out.
As she got closer, they saw that she had the baby strapped to her back.
How could that be?
One man greeted her and asked.
We couldn’t climb this mountain.
We the strongest and most able men in the village.
How did you do this when we couldn’t do it?
As she passed by, she looked intently at them and simply said it wasn’t your
baby. The power of your WHY is what gets you to stick through the grueling
mundane and laborious.
All of the HOWS will be meaningless until your WHYS are powerful enough.
Until you set your desire and motivation in place, you’ll abandon any new
path that you seek to a better life.
If your willpower, your desire, it isn’t great enough.
The fortitude of your commitment won’t be powerful enough and you’ll end
up like every other person who makes a New Year’s resolution and then
gives up too quickly reverting to living a life of ho hum and mediocrity.
But not you. Not anymore, right?
If you are with me here each week, right here we’ll make sure that you don’t
drift and unexpectedly meld back into the herd of mediocrity.
We will reattach the jumper cables to your mind, spirit, and reignite you each
Then week after week getting a little bit better each time, we will look back
together 52 weeks spent together and marvel at how far you’ve come, how
much you’ve grown, and how much impact you’ve had on your family,
friends, community and marketplace around you.
So do you have people that you wish to see, grow, become better, and
succeed in the year ahead?
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