11 Ways to Be More Productive This Week

By October 22, 2020No Comments

Today I want to get straight to the point. No stories, case studies or clever analogies, just actionable to-the-point tactics. Here are 11 ways to get more done this week then you have all month.

Number one: Wake up the exact same time every day for the next seven days. You’ll be shocked at how effective this is.

Number two: Schedule specific times to check email and stick to them. Turn your notifications off and focus on the task in front of you. 99% of the time any email that hits your inbox, it can wait.

Number three: Save your hour of power, things like reading, meditation, visualization, exercise, et cetera, until after you’ve completed your most important task of the day, that way you know it gets done.

Number four: Schedule specific times to tackle specific projects. For example, I do team meetings in Westlake and videos on Mondays. Then on Tuesdays, I meet with my Willoughby team and I do administrative tasks. And then on Wednesdays, I do creative marketing and sales. You get the idea. Once you get in the zone, you’ll be far more productive and just be done the task instead of jumping all around from project to project.

Number five: Work on a timer and take a five to 10 minute break every 90 minutes. Go for a walk, sit outside, read a book, meditate. Use your breaks to disconnect from your subconscious and let it work on the problems of the day.

Number six: Skip breakfast, or eat something high fat or high protein, low in carbs to avoid that mid morning crash. Yes, intermittent fasting can be a good thing if done properly.

Number seven: Review everything you have on your to-do list and ask yourself, do I need to actually do this? 100% of the time you’ll find something you can delegate, automate, eliminate entirely, and you get the big picture to things that really matter.

Number eight: Set a cutoff time for your workdays and stick to it. Knowing that you must be done by 5:00 PM or 6:00 PM, whatever it is, it keeps you focused. It will prevent you from sliding into endless media holes on social media or surfing the web.

Number nine: Speaking of surfing the web, turn off your wifi when possible. Put your phone on airplane mode or put it in another room. You’ll get 10 times more done when you completely eliminate distractions, rather than trying to manage them.

Number 10: Schedule something fun this week that you can look forward to. Life’s too short to just sit in an office all day long.

Number 11: Most importantly, be kind to yourself. Look, we’re going through crazy times right now, so you might feel a little anxious, a little overwhelmed. Having a bad day doesn’t make you a bad person. And the faster you can bounce back from an unproductive workday, the better prepared you’ll be for the next day.

Try these out this week and let me know how this works for you. If you’re watching this on social media, drop me a comment. If you’re reading this via email, click reply and let me know. And make this next week, the best one yet.