A special women!

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Hey, today I’d like to celebrate an amazing woman, but before I tell you who she is, well, let me tell you a little bit about her.

Now she grew up in this very small rural town in Ohio and in fact there’s only like 350 people in this town. I’ll give you some context. I think there was a bowling alley, a post office, and the convenience store. In order to go shopping, like for clothes and things like that as high school girls like to do, she had to go to a bigger city and travel, 20-30 minutes. So it was very small, rural town.

Now graduating from high school, I think there was only 88 in her graduating class. Of course she was one of the valedictorians, but she had much bigger dreams than this little small town. So she graduated from high school. She went to one of the, actually it’s the number one university in the State of Ohio. That’ll give you a little clue there. She went to undergraduate there and then she graduated and went to law school.

After law school, she got a job right out of school and with this law firm where she’s been now for over 20 years now. I’ll give you just some examples of how amazing performer she is and a high achiever.

She was the first female partner in that law firm’s history. So she’s a trailblazer, if you will. That’s even more important when you understand that like 60% of the attorneys in the United States are females, which I was shocked by. I thought it’d be more male dominant, but it’s not. But only 15% are actually equity partners. So that’s a huge accomplishment. But more important than being a high powered attorney by day. I mean, she’s loving, she’s compassionate. Here’s a story for you.

She found one day or dog was digging in the front flower bed and he had discovered a nest of bunnies; these little baby bunnies. The mother wasn’t there. Apparently they go away during the day, they come back at night. Well, she’s very caring and loving; loves animals. So she did all kinds of research how to support these bunnies and how to care for them and she’d come home at lunch and make sure that they were being fed at night and she contacted a local expert in the field and they came out and saved the bunnies.

So I mean, she’s just will go to no ends to save, I mean even little bunnies in her front yard. But also being a room mom at her kid’s parties and things like that, and [inaudible 00:02:03] rides back and forth to school activities, into sporting events, volunteering on different boards and organizations and charity organizations. She even spent her birthday cleaning gutters at her local church as a community service day.

So she’s just very selfless and just an amazing woman. So all of these amazing characters or character traits just make her profound and if you haven’t guessed it by now, that woman is my wife Jody, and today is her birthday.

So if you know where to send her a text, shoot her an email, she’d love to hear from you, I’m sure. I just want to celebrate her today. So Jody, happy birthday for me and the kids and everybody here at Max Strength Fitness. We love you and I hope you have a great day. Happy birthday.