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Ask Yourself This Question Every Night

By July 14, 2017No Comments

One of the things people seem to struggle with most is keeping up with a healthy diet and exercise program consistently. That is where our clients are different. Almost every client at MaxStrength consistently keeps their twice a week, 20 minute appointments. they are good like that. We are often told that this is the first training program they have been able to stick to.


For some, it’s the appointment with a trainer that they need to keep, for others, it’s how fast it is and you can get on to your busy day. Some people find they couldn’t imagine missing their session, as it becomes an important part of their lifestyle. Everyone has their reasons that strength training at MSF works best for them and we couldn’t be happier that it does.

So today, I am sharing a message below about the importance of being consistent in every area you are trying to improve. If you are having a tough time, yo-yo-ing perhaps, or just not getting the results you are looking for, start asking yourself the question below every night, and see how it changes things.

If you want to achieve a goal, whether it be weight loss, increased strength, better health, or pretty much anything else, this one simple question will be very helpful in making your goal a reality…

 “Did I stick to the plan today?

If you can HONESTLY answer “YES” with great frequency, you’re going to get where you want to go.

The less you say “YES” the less likely you are of achieving your goal.

It sounds simple, right?

Yet, inconsistency with daily exercise, supportive nutrition, and even remembering to take daily vitamins is so commonplace…especially in the summer!

I’m not saying you have to be “perfect”, but at the very least, get more YES’S than NO’S each week… Then increase your frequency from there.

With consistent practice, you’ll be saying “YES” 90% of the time…and that’s when the BIG TIME results really start happening!