Don’t Wait For Help

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There’s a guy driving along in a rural small sports car in a rural area and he all of a sudden lost control and he went into a ditch. He was safe, car was a little bit damaged, but he thought, “If I can find somebody to help pull me out, I can get this to a shop.” So he walks down the rural road he was looking for, and all of a sudden he comes upon a farmer and a horse. He’s like, “Excuse me sir, but I got this small sports car. It’s in the ditch and I think your horse can help me pull it out. Could you help me out?” And the farmer’s like, “Yeah, absolutely.” So they go down and the horse, his name is Buddy, by the way. And so he goes in and hooks up Buddy to the car and the farmer steps back and says, “Pull, Trixie. Pull.” And the horse doesn’t do anything.

And the guy with the sports car’s looking perplexed. He’s like, “But the horse’s name is buddy.” And then he goes, the farmer goes, “Pull, Casey. Pull.” And again, the horse doesn’t do anything. Now, the third time the farmer says, “Pull, Buddy. Pull.” And all of a sudden Buddy pulls it and springs into action. He pulls the car right up by the ditch, and the guy’s like, “Thank you so much, but I just… I got to ask the question. Why did you call him two different names before you called his name?”

He’s like, “Well, you see Buddy’s blind and if I wouldn’t have let him know that he had support and help, he probably wouldn’t have done it on his own.” So the moral of the story is where are you holding yourself back? Maybe it’s a project, a task, or a challenge that you’ve come upon and you think that you need other’s support. You need other’s help. I guarantee you’re far more capable than doing things on your own than you give yourself credit to. So ask the question, what would you do in your life if you were guaranteed not to fail? Go try it anyway. Don’t wait for somebody else’s help. Spring into action just like Buddy and you’d be amazed at what you can accomplish.