I don’t vs I can’t

By December 2, 2022No Comments

Hey it’s Jeff here from MaxStrength Fitness. I’ve got SUCH a powerful message for you today if you’re someone who struggles with sticking to healthy food or actually taking the time to move your body…

This ONE word created such a huge shift for me, and I know it’s going to help you too.It’s about your mindset … and how changing ONE WORD in your self-talk can change your entire outlook.

So, let’s say you’re at a big holiday party and you’ve just finished eating dinner.You’re comfortably full and feel great… and then you notice they are serving dessert.

You know that after you eat it, you won’t feel so great.In fact, you’ll feel blah, bloated, and ready for a major nap!And that’s just in the short term. You also know that stacking dessert on top of a big meal won’t help you meet your goals.

At that moment, what do you tell yourself?“I can’t eat dessert” … or … “I don’t eat dessert.”Those two statements might sound similar but they are 180 degrees apart in mindset.Hear me out.

  • “I can’t” means someone or something else is in charge of your behavior or thoughts.
  • “I don’t” means that YOU are making a DELIBERATE CHOICE.

“I don’t” gives you POWER. It helps you set clear boundaries that you are in charge of.And it can completely revamp your approach to using willpower because it takes it out of the question.

Try saying these statements out loud to yourself and feel the difference. Here they are:

  • I don’t stay up till 1 a.m. when I have to work the next day.
  • I don’t skip my scheduled workouts.
  • I don’t eat processed foods.

Scientific research shows that making the shift to an “I don’t” vs “I can’t” mindset can make a real difference in changing your behavior.Pretty mind-blowing, right?Try it yourself. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

And if you’re ready to make a REAL CHANGE in your health & fitness, we offer our clients next-level coaching that puts them firmly in control of their results.

Whether it’s fitness or wellness or both, we’ve got you covered!To see if you might be a fit to work with us, let’s talk.You can request a free initial workout at maxstrengthfitness.com Until then, be strong, eat clean, say I don’t, and live well!