Is social distancing wrong?

By March 25, 2020March 27th, 2020No Comments

So social distancing is all wrong. Now look, before you get up in roars, I’m not talking about what you think. I absolutely agree we should be staying feet apart, we should be isolated and as needed and only go out when we need to. And what I mean by social distancing is wrong is it should actually be physical distancing should be the term, right? Because we actually need more social engagement in these times. If we are going to isolate, we need to reach out more to loved ones. We need to connect more with people. We need to put our iPhones down and we need to put our face out of our tablets and stay off of the news and stay off the streaming Netflix and all these other things that we’re going to be bound to do more than we ever would when we already are distancing ourselves as just a natural culture in society as it is.

Look, fear is a prompt to tell us to take positive action. We need to lead. We need to be positive. We need to not respond out of fear. I’m not saying what we’re going through isn’t serious. It absolutely is, but we need to think in other words of what’s going on in the current situation, what good can come out of this. I know it’s hard to think of that, but now that we’ve got a little bit more time on our hands, some of us, maybe we can take and practice better hygiene, teaching our kids and ourselves to actually wash our hands for 20 seconds, right? Novel idea. We could take better care of ourselves, we can take time to eat better, we can take time to meditate now, we can take time to do the things that we might not have otherwise done and just the hustle-bustle, now that we’ve been forced to slow down.

Look, fear should be a prompt to take that positive action, as I mentioned earlier, not engulf us. FDR said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Don’t let it drive you to discriminate or make poor choices. Don’t feed into the paddock. Feed into the preparedness and to get ready for yourselves and your family and to keep you safe, but it starts with your mind. Don’t let all the negativity crowd that mind and to put you into a negative spin. And again, I’m not downplaying the seriousness of what we’re going through. I’m just saying, you have to look at it from another perspective, right?

Look, this too shall pass. We can do this. We’ve been here before. Viruses and diseases, smallpox, rabies, chickenpox, West Nile, swine flu, world wars, HIV, Black Monday, the tech bubble bursting, anthrax, 9/11/01, Y2K, all of these, we’ve been there, we’ve moved through. And this too shall pass. After winter comes spring, and after night comes the day. Owner, a better leader. At some point, this will pass and we’ll get back to that state of normalcy. And if you’ve invested your time into those areas now, it will just benefit you much, much better into the future. So keep that positive mindset, love your loved ones, even more, today, and just take care, be safe and wash those hands.