Perfection is the Enemy of Done

By October 18, 2019November 29th, 2019No Comments

Hey, do you know anybody that you would consider a perfectionist? Do you consider yourself to be a perfectionist? Well, I used to be a self-proclaimed perfectionist until I realized that that really set me back. Now, let me explain, I used to call myself the King of 80%, meaning that I would get a project about 80% done and I was done to put it out in the marketplace or finish it or just get it push through that finish line, for whatever reason I would stall. Maybe it was subconscious. I didn’t want to fail. I was nervous about what the outcome might be, but I was always like, “I’m going to make this a little bit better. I want to I do this a little bit better.” And then all of a sudden I wouldn’t do it. It would be paralysis by analysis.

So, there’s always the saying that practice makes perfect. Well, I have a better saying for you, practice makes progress, because if we’re always striving to get everything done and make it perfect, well more times than not, like I used to do in the past, we won’t get it done at all. Now look, going for a two minute walk. If your goal was 10 minutes is far better than nothing, eating one serving of vegetables if your goal was five is better than nothing. Working out one time a week with us at MaxStrength fitness, although your goal is probably twice, is far better than nothing.

Look, it’s those little things done added over time that might seem very insignificant, that will be profound. So, let’s exchange perfectionism for progress. As long as we’re making progress every single day, whether it’s our health, it’s our fitness, it’s our relationships, our spirituality, whatever it is, don’t try to be perfect. Another great saying I heard is, perfection is the enemy of done. Just get it done. Get it out there. Another great sane is, ready, aim, fire. Well that’s wrong, ready, fire, aim. See the difference? I’m ready. I’m going fire. I’m going to get it out there first and then I can tweak it, test it and make sure that it’s good. Once I get it out there, once I get done with it, instead of making sure it’s perfect.

Look, every day is filled with dozens of opportunities to make the choices that benefit, your health, your fitness, your spirituality, your relationships. Do what you can do to progress you forward. And over time, I guarantee you’ll get further in life in whatever you’re doing, if you just try to be perfectionist.