Share more of yourself!

By May 31, 2019No Comments

I want you to consider maybe something in your life that you have to share that you’ve been holding back. For example, I’m very big into personal productivity and inspiration, motivation, changing mindset, meditation, all those self-help things. I’ve always been into it, and then it wasn’t until the day that I decided to actually share them with you, with everybody else via video, and through my consultations, that it really just helped me take it to another level.

I’m sure that there’s many people like myself for years who just struggled with the fact that, “I can’t do this. I can’t help somebody. What do I know? Why are they going to listen to me?” Look, we don’t have to be the expert in the field to do anything. Have you considered, there’s something that you already are an expert in, but you’re not giving yourself enough credit for it. There’s probably a hobby that you have that you just, you love it so much and you geek out on it and it’s like you could talk hours on end about it, and yet you just keep it all bottled up inside. I guarantee there’s somebody that would benefits from that conversation.

Here’s what I would like you to do. Next time somebody maybe brings up a topic that you are seriously interested in, don’t hold back. You do them a disservice by holding it back. Let it come out and speak your truth and speak your energy from it, and maybe that will inspire them and motivate them. Maybe they’re on the fence of doing something or maybe they’re struggling with something and all of a sudden you just sharing your experience gives them an aha moment. That’s what I try to do in these videos, I just try to share what I’m learning because I figure if it can help me, then maybe it can just help one other person. So don’t be selfish, share it, sharing is caring. If you liked this video, you could share that as well. Look, we all got something inside of us that we need to share and our voice needs to be heard you’ve just got to let it go.