The health backup plan you need

By November 25, 2022No Comments

Hey, it’s Jeff here … and in this video, I’m going to talk about a powerful strategy you can borrow from the military that will help you in a HUGE way right now to stay on track with your goals over the holidays. Have you ever heard of something called a “fallback plan”?In the military, a fallback plan is called a contingency plan — and every phase of every mission has one. It’s what you do when your original plan doesn’t work. You need one!

It’s super important because even the BEST plans can get thrown off course by things out of your control. When it comes to your fitness, having a fallback plan in place can save you from a downward spiral, ESPECIALLY during the holidays. I’m talking about when:

  • Something comes up and you don’t have time for your regular workout
  • You’ve got an event and your schedule gets thrown off
  • You’re traveling
  • The list goes on and on

Rather than ditch your plans completely and tell yourself, “I’ll start over again in January” … having a fallback plan helps you adjust on the fly. It can be as simple as going for a walk or having some quick bodyweight workouts ready that you can do anywhere.

Or if you’re traveling do a virtual workout with your MaxStrength Fitness trainer. It’s not that your fitness will suddenly go downhill if you miss a workout or meal prep session or two … the real issue is that you can lose your momentum and motivation! It’s so much easier to KEEP GOING than it is to start back up again. 

And I’ve got something special for you to help you keep up that momentum! Check out this free resource: my Wellness Bingo. You can get it at maxstrengthfitness.com/bingo.Take some time to come up with your own holiday fallback plan — so you’re ALWAYS ready no matter what comes your way. And if you need a little help coming up with a contingency plan that works for you, your goals, and your lifestyle, we’ve got you covered.

Want to learn more? You can request a free initial consultation by clicking the link above!

Our 20-minute workouts twice a week can help keep you on track when life gets crazy! It’s not about working harder or longer … it’s about working smarter and delegating the details. Until next time, be strong, eat clean, and live well!