Video: Simple Vs. Complicated

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I’d like you to consider the following question:

Does success with your health and fitness have to be complicated or can it be simple?

Let’s talk about two things:

Simple versus complicated and easy versus hard.

Let’s consider working out.

If you talk with people who hate working out, you hear them say first you have to get your workout clothes and you get dressed and then you have to put on your shoes, then you have to do some stretching, then you gotta warm-up, then you have to workout for an hour, then afterwards you need to cool down, lastly you have to shower.

It’s such a pain!

(by the way NONE of this is necessary at MaxStrength Fitness) but if you talk with people that love working out they’ll say yeah you just pop into the gym for a quick workout.

And if you ask them about the steps involved, still they say but there’s just one, you know, you just workout.

So knowing that we have this human nature to think of things we’d like as simple and things we don’t as complicated then you can use this to deliberately simplify how you think of something you’re avoiding making it more appealing.

So an ultra-marathon is simple… you just run a hundred miles to the end, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy right?

So success in health and fitness can be simple, you just strength train (like we do at MaxStrength Fitness twice a week,) move throughout the day preferably get 10k steps, get 7-8 hours of sleep and eat a predominately whole food diet of lean proteins, fibrous carbohydrates and healthy fats.

That is SIMPLE in theory but it doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Then notice in your results when a more simplified approach might be holding you back and then turn the dial towards simplicity in your mind so you just jump out the door and start taking action towards optimal health and fitness.

For example, instead of getting overwhelmed by all that is needed to succeed make it simple and easy by changing one habit first.

Now this must be something that is SOOO simple and easy that you laugh at it. For example, drining a glass of water upon waking.

I actually never use to do this, but when I decided to make it a habit I choose an existing habit, making my morning cup of coffee and used this as my trigger to implement the new habit.

So now I simply down a glass a water while it’s brewing…Simple and easy!

The key is taking ONE step towards action and then make it a habit so that over time what you once considered complicated and hard now becomes simple and easy!

As always, I hoped this served you and helps you get just one step closer to your health and fitness goals.

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Until next time, be strong, eat clean and live well.