Who is the Richest Person of All?

By October 23, 2020No Comments

Bill Gates is often we say is one of the richest men on earth. Now, look, there’s no denying his overwhelming success or fortune over the years. When he was asked if there was someone richer than him, his reply might just surprise you.

Bill said, “Yes, there’s a person who is richer than me. It wasn’t when I was rich as in famous. In fact, I was just starting out. I was at the New York airport and I saw a newspaper vendor. I wanted to buy one and I realized I didn’t have enough change. So I left the idea of buying the newspaper and I returned it to the vendor. I told him, ‘I don’t have enough change to pay for it.’ The vendor said, ‘I’m giving you this for free.’

On his insistence, I took the newspaper. Coincidentally after a few months, I landed back in the same airport and again, I find myself short of change to buy a newspaper. The vendor offered me a newspaper, again. I refused. I said, ‘I can’t pay for this. I don’t have the change to pay you.’ He said, ‘You could take it. I’m sharing this for my profits. It won’t be a loss.’ I took the newspaper.

So, after 19 years, I became famous and known by people and suddenly I remembered that newspaper vendor. I began searching for him. After one month and a half, I found him and I asked him, ‘Do you know me?’ He said, ‘Yes, you’re Bill Gates.’ I looked at him and I said, ‘Do you remember the one time when I wanted a newspaper, but I couldn’t afford it and you gave it to me for free?’ And the vendor said, ‘Yes, I remember and actually I gave it to you twice.’

I said, ‘I wanted to pay you for the help you offered to me at that time. Whatever you want in life. Tell me. I shall fulfill it.’ He said, ‘I helped you when I was a poor newspaper vendor and you were trying to help me when you’re the richest man in the world. How can your help match mine?'”

That day I realized the newspaper vendor was richer than I was because he didn’t wait to become rich to help someone. People need to understand that being truly rich it’s those who would possess a rich heart rather than lots of money. Kindness makes you the most beautiful person in the world, no matter what you look like. Look, I love this story because you don’t have to wait until you’re successful or have money to help those less fortunate. Or in fact, anybody in any position in their life at whatever time they’re in or what season you’re in in your life.

It could be as simple as just offering a smile. It could be as simple as truly meaning, “How are you today?” Be intentional, be pleasant with that person. Doing the little things that they might not expect, that doesn’t cost any amount of money. That’s what will make them richer and you richer. So where are your life today can you reach out to somebody? It doesn’t matter where they’re at in life. It doesn’t matter if they’re less fortunate, more fortunate, but how can you fill their cup today? Do that. I guarantee it’ll make you richer in your life.