You Must Choose

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There was once a good man who wanted to know the proper way to live his life.

Every day he searched for signs from the universe, or god, to show him a path.

One day he saw a crippled fox while walking through the trees and wondered how the fox was able to eat since it would have been too slow to hunt.

Suddenly a tiger appeared and lay down next to the fox.

The tiger had a large rabbit in its mouth and ate until it was full.

After finishing his meal, the tiger got up and left the remaining portion behind for the fox.

Suddenly the man knew what the god was telling him to do.

“Surely, if god helps the cripple fox, he will help me too,” he thought.

And so the man travelled back to his hut and lay down waiting for god to deliver him the food and water he needed.

But nothing arrived. The determined man’s faith did not falter even as he lay nearly starved to death.

As the man lay there becoming weaker by the moment an angel appeared.

The angel looked at the man quizzically and asked:

“Why did you decide to imitate the crippled fox and not the tiger?

You have been given health and gifts and talents to make the world a better place.

Why do you not use them to help the cripple and those in need?

Why instead did you choose to imitate the cripple fox?”

The man, seeing the error of his ways cried.

He got out of bed and began a life following the example of the tiger.

So often we forget all that we have been given. 

We forget that our purpose is not to be served, but to serve others.

There are so many ways to serve.

Some help others by becoming doctors.

Others provide housing.

Some grow food. Many teach.

Others make money and surplus and use their wealth to purchase items needed.

We at MaxStrength Fitness help people like you achieve their fitness goals in only minutes a week so you can enjoy the rest of your life on your terms!

There is no limit to the ways one can imitate the tiger.

So which are you? Are you imitating the tiger or the crippled fox?

This is such a great story.

One of the lessons so often overlooked is that the tiger took care of himself before he took care of the crippled fox. 

By doing so he made sure he could help many crippled foxes.

To take care of yourself, you need to get out of the Rat Race before it cripples you and your spirit.

Become the tiger that helps many. Do not be the fox that must live as a victim.

If you need help with your fitness let us guide you so you can then be the tiger and inspire others to live a healthy vibrant life!